We understand that the business environment in which Oil & Gas companies operate, is not just challenging, but has been redefined several times over the last few years. Sharp fluctuation in commodity prices equally create disruptions in production plan of assets across geographies, as do discoveries of large scale shale oil and shale gas. Working closely through our offices in Toronto and our affiliates in Canada and USA, Finnacle has been engaged in examining several upstream and downstream investment opportunities in USA, Canada, Nigeria and Mozambique for its clients.

We apply our broad industry experience and deep functional skills to advise our clients on entry strategies, procurement, contracting, EPC selection and financing of projects and downstream transportation. Our industry partners leverage our expertise to bring an independent viewpoint in the upstream, midstream, downstream and petrochemical sectors.

Recent Assignment:

Financial advisor service and strategic consulting for cross border transactions planning and investment analysis with two large oil & gas organizations in Calgary and Toronto in Canada including coordination with the Toronto Dominion Bank.