We at Finnacle Capital Advisors Private Limited (“Finnacle”) are committed to safeguarding the security and confidentiality of any information that our clients share with us. The privacy and protection of such financial and business data and all relevant information provided to us is of vital importance. We will not deliberately disclose our clients’ personally identifiable information to any unauthorised third person, save and except where such information shall be disclosed in good faith and for the purpose of law for the time being in force or to protect the rights and property of Finnacle.

However, while we take adequate measures for safeguarding such confidential information, we cannot stand warranty and be liable in anyway whatsoever for the security of any information that our clients transmit to us electronically or through our online services.

We may also, from time to time, as we may consider appropriate, or upon completion of specific transactions and/or assignments, include a general description of the work being undertaken or already performed under the scope of such transactions and/or assignments in our Website for the purpose of demonstrating our expertise and relevant experience for marketing of similar services.